Look for the meaning of life


Are you enjoying and sorrowing every day?
Are you laughing and crying every night?

I know? You know? Do you know the meaning of life?
There was nobody teach me the meaning of life.

However many people won't look for it, because such is busied.
Though it is too late when the death is impending.

甘酸っぱいね そんな生き方 つまんないね 今の世の中

もう 社会おまえの言いなりにはならないよ
茨の道だとしても・・・ For my life

何をそんなに生き急ぐのか? どこに向かって生きてるのか?
生きるために生きてるのか? ナンセンスとは思わないか?
ただ老いること眺めるなら 死を待つだけの人生だろう

そう それでも時間ときは流れ 人間ひとは流れ・・・

早く目覚めてほしい For your life